Stordire Maine Coons PH: 757-232-7656

Welcome To Stordire Maine Coons Cattery

We are focused on breeding cats that are healthy, have good size, temperament and great type. We prefer long square muzzles, big ears with lynx tips and strong bodies with long legs. Stordire Maine Coons are strictly indoor cats. We "love" our cats dearly so we are critical when choosing a new owner. This is a small cattery that produces very few litters per year. We breed Maine Coons whose physical characteristics are consistent with the CFA and TICA Maine Coon breed standard. All Stordire breeding cats are Award Winning Show Cats. Stordire Maine Coons compete in the show ring regularly. All cats and kittens (when age appropriate) are vaccinated against rabies in compliance with our local jurisdiction. All Stordire Mainecoons are sold with a contract that specifies what a buyer can expect and outlines the responsibilities of the future owner. Cattery has been inspected by a licensed veterinarian and has achieved the rating of "Cattery Of Excellence" with CFA.